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In the last two years, young women have discovered the power they can wield in society. They’ve marched in the streets. They’ve witnessed high school students take over the gun control debate. They’ve ended the careers of sex offenders with #metoo.

Downtown for Democracy has launched an ad campaign to engage young women in the political process and inspire them to use their voice for change.


New editions available by Paul Chan, Rashid Johnson, and Richard Prince.  All proceeds raised will support Downtown for Democracy’s grassroots voter education and registration efforts in key swing districts. 

Original Artworks by Katherine Bernhardt


Untitled, 2018
24" x 18”
Acrylic on paper
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The first work in this series was a hand-painted cardboard sign featuring toilet paper and a poop emoji which, like so many others, was produced for the Women's March in NYC in January 2017. The sign expresses Bernhardt's antipathy for the sitting president and wish for a better future.  Protest signs have played a pivotal role in activism and online media in the aftermath of the recent election. Bernhardt's artwork commemorates this moment and the impressive creative force behind it.

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